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Our Customers Agree - IPFS Leads the Way in Legendary Service and Innovative Technology

Jul 15, 2020

This June, we conducted our regular quarterly survey asking randomly selected Customers for their feedback.

95% of respondents said they are satisfied with IPFS overall.

When we asked what contributes the most to that high satisfaction rate, 79% indicated a high quality of staff and Customer service. They said:

“We have done business with them for years, always ready to help and very informative on keeping us up on any changes.”

“They are excellent in their processes.  The customer service far exceeds all other finance companies.”

“Very easy to work with. The website is very user-friendly.”

94% of users are satisfied with ipfs.com

When asked about ipfs.com specifically, 92% agreed that the information on the site is clear and the system is easy to use. 88% agreed that using ipfs.com simplifies their processes and saves them time.

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a standardized method to measure how likely a Customer is to recommend a company, and our score is 77, suggesting high Customer loyalty.

To put this into perspective, here is how we compare to some of today’s most well-known brands*:

  • IPFS +77
  • Starbucks +77
  • Apple +47
  • Samsung +67
  • Target +43

Here is what our Customers said:

“Everyone at IPFS that I have ever worked with has been great!  They are very flexible and help me out with finding the right solution for my issues!”

“IPFS has always been on top their game.  Appreciate their help every time.”

“The reps are great to deal with - excellent response time and always willing to listen and suggest strategy.”

“I have rarely ever had an issue with IPFS, the staff is always very helpful and knowledgeable.  I enjoy working with IPFS.”

We always ask how we can improve.

Although the majority of respondents did not recommend any changes to ipfs.com, and very few indicated they were dissatisfied overall, we are looking forward to incorporating the ideas and feedback we received. Our goal is to continue providing innovative technology solutions and legendary service to our Customers.

Source: Imperial PFS Customer Satisfaction Survey, June 2020

*Source: customer.guru/net-promoter-score/


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