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Provide premium payment flexibility to your agency and your customers. 

For more than 40 years, Imperial PFS® has made it possible for business owners to pay their insurance premiums via installments through traditional premium financing. We are now pleased to add more flexibility to our payment options – the ability to pay premiums with a single payment. With the addition of the ability to pay in full, clients may choose the payment option that works best for them. Our Customers have called the IPFS TotalPay portal a "game changer". See what else they have to say.

One Portal: Two Ways to Pay


Insurance Premium Financing

  • Paying in installments frees up capital to help you ensure appropriate level of insurance coverage
  • Provides credit at competitive industry rates
  • Enables paperless premium payment process

Payment in Full

  • Eliminate time spent on premium payment collections
  • Provides opportunity for reduced accounting expenses
  • Expedites the premium payment process
  • ACH or credit card payment1


IPFS TotalPay® has our Customers talking…


Wow! So much easier than copying the check, scanning and sending, mailing overnight, etc.

We partnered with IPFS recently to launch TotalPay as a finance solution for our clients. We felt they were true partners with a competitive advantage and have come a long way with this technology. IPFS is helping us provide outstanding service to our customers and we are now recommending and excited about the rollout across the company.

Fantastic. We are utilizing the new online platform. Game changer. If other offices are not using this, they should be. We send the finance agreement to the client electronically for signature and down payment. They eSign and make the down payment either via online check or credit card. We no longer do finance agreements via mail. This has taken our accounting team out of the loop as well as avoids all the delays that we constantly experienced with collecting the agreement, the down payment, not getting things on time etc.

TotalPay has saved us so much time and makes collecting payments much easier. By doing everything online, we don’t have any more hassling with mail and checks


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Improve the payment experience for you and your insureds.

Save Time, Improve Processes, Become More Efficient... Provide Better Service


One Complete Solution:

IPFS TotalPay is a holistic solution. All offerings are in a single location for the insured. If the insured doesn’t know how they would like to pay when they receive the Premium Finance Agreement (PFA), they can make their choice at the time they are ready to pay. No need to resend any quotes!

Customer Satisfaction:

Many premium finance companies send an email to the insured with only minimal information. With IPFS TotalPay, the insured gets a detailed look at coverages and quotes being offered. Both you and your insured also receive confirmation emails containing pertinent information once the transaction is complete.

Simplified Processes:

Consolidation of multiple agency work flows for insureds that chose to pay in full and insureds that want to premium finance.

One Point of Contact:

If you’re an existing Imperial PFS Customer, using IPFS TotalPay simplifies vendor management by having one company to work with for all payment collection.

One System:

If you utilize an agency management system and are integrated using eSignature with Imperial PFS; Imperial PFS can collect eSignature of the Premium Finance Agreement and payment collection for you. This creates a green, time-saving efficiency in your day-to-day tasks.